The Texas Ice Storm of 2021 brought unexpected hardships to many individuals and businesses. The Westbank Community library was no exception. Westbank lost power, fire sprinklers discharged and pipes burst, resulting in flooding of the Children’s room. Over 10,000 items were destroyed. Join us on our unexpected journey of remediation, renovation and re-ordering. Learn what it took to rebuild the collection and make it even better than it was before the storm. Presenters will share crucial steps, vendor support, re-ordering processes, lessons learned and surprises along the way towards restoring the Children’s collection.

Presented by Elena Carvajal, Kristi M. Floyd and Sidney Schubarth of Westbank Libraries.

Original air date: October 6, 2022

1 CE hour (CPE eligible for Texas educators)

Diana Miranda-Murillo from the Austin Public Library will share titles, publishers, and other tools that may be used to find Spanish language children’s materials for your library.

Original air date: November 5, 2021
Last reviewed: August 31, 2022

1 CE hour

Using assessment data to make more informed decisions and communicate value is an essential part of what we do to improve our libraries. However, it can be a daunting process to plan, collect, and draw conclusions from assessment data of library programs and collections usage.

Join Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, Head of Assessment at the University of Texas Libraries, and Jacqueline Bronicki, Assessment and Statistics Coordinator at University of Houston Libraries, as they provide their respective insight and tips on programmatic assessment and collections analysis. By the end of this one hour webinar, attendees will have a better idea of what they can do to begin planning for continuous assessment in their library.

Original air date: October 11, 2016
Last reviewed: September 1, 2022

1 CE hours (CPE eligible for Texas educators)

Schoolteachers, patrons, students, and staff all use and want to reuse copyrighted material, prompting questions. As service providers, it is important that library staff have a basic understanding of copyright law and know where to find additional information.

This webinar is an introduction to US copyright law for library staff. Participants will learn the basics, including what copyright means, what can be copyrighted, and how long a copyright lasts. The presenters will also provide a very brief introduction to fair use and share their favorite copyright resources online.

Presented by Colleen Lyon, Head of Scholarly Communications at UT Austin, and Emilie Algenio, Copyright & Fair Use Librarian at Texas A&M University.

Original air date: August 15, 2019
Last reviewed: September 1, 2022

1.5 CE hours (CPE eligible for Texas educators)

Diana Miranda-Murillo from the Austin Public Library will give us an update on the current tools she is using for Spanish language collection development -- from the traditional tools (catalogs and websites) to the not-so-traditional ones like book tubers and social media.

Original air date: May 20, 2021
Last reviewed: September 1, 2022

1.5 CE hours (CPE eligible for Texas educators)

The Keller Public Library stopped using the Dewey Decimal System in favor of bookstore style organization in January 2017. Former Library Services Manager Rae Cheney will tell you why they got rid of Dewey, give step-by-step instructions for making the change at your library, and share the results after making the switch (spoiler alert: it’s been great!). She will also cover ways to blend bookstore style organization with Dewey if you aren’t quite ready to call it quits. This information is applicable to all library types and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers to help you figure out how to make subject classification work for your institution.

Original air date: September 20, 2018
Last reviewed: August 29, 2022

1.5 CE hours (CPE eligible for Texas educators)