Are you a new Texas public library director? If so, this course is for you! This course is meant to get you started in your new job. It will help you know what to expect: what public library work is all about, what your role is, and how to do it in ways that meet the unique needs of your community. We've included only essential information in this course in an effort to keep it short and as such, we anticipate that it can be completed in under 1.5 hours. Don't think you can do it all in one sitting? Not to worry -- this course is self-paced so you can start and stop work at any time.

1.5 CE hours

Texas public library directors must submit the Texas Public Libraries Annual Report in order to be considered for accreditation as well as other agency programs. Library Data Coordinator Valicia Greenwood provides the specifics on each section of the 2020 Annual Report: financial reporting, collection material, program and technology reporting, the 2020 special section related to the COVID-19 health crisis, and a detailed explanation of the accreditation criteria. Text of the new Emergency Rule is included, which eases accreditation qualification.

1 CE hour

What does it mean to be a librarian? What is the profession? This short course concerns the meaning of professionalism in librarianship. It includes a "virtual tour" of online resources available to professional librarians that anyone working in the library field should be aware of. This course is a precursor to the content in the Small Library Management Training Program workshop series.

2 CE hours, SBEC eligible, provider #500799

This online course is specifically designed for small, rural public libraries to provide an introduction to communicating about your library to the public, stakeholders, and patrons. Participants should leave this online workshop confident in telling the story of their library using classic, enhanced, and best practices of current data and storytelling techniques. Focus will be placed on engaging your community with visually-striking presentations and strategically-delivered information and in verbally communicating the library’s value clearly and concisely with ease.

About the instructor. Julie Todaro has been a library manager for over thirty years and has experience in all types of libraries and library settings. She is a Dean in a community college library, consults, presents workshops, and is an author and frequent presenter at association conferences and in organizational settings. Todaro is the immediate past-president of the American Library Association, the world's oldest and largest association for librarians. Todaro is also the author of  Library Management for the Digital Age: A New Paradigm  (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014) and  Mentoring A to Z  (Neal-Schuman, 2015).

4 CE hours, SBEC eligible, provider #500799

This is a three-part presentation that offers a way to craft a persuasive message while using Texas public library data. “The Message,” shows a way to craft a compelling and engaging presentation, while paying particular attention to the stakeholder.  “The Data,” showcases a variety of sources for Texas public library data, from the national to the local level.  “Presentation Tips” is a collection of tips and tools that will help make the presentation stand out.  Watch all three (for course credit), or select the one(s) that you need the most.

1 CE hour