The Inclusive Library – Best Practices for Serving Patrons Experiencing Homelessness

“Museums, libraries and archives can best serve the public by making their programs and facilities as broadly accessible as possible. This means thinking expansively about how to be widely-inclusive, welcoming, and collaborative.” – The Institute of Museum and Library Services 

The Inclusive Library series of five webinars was developed to meet the agency’s goal of ensuring that all Texans receive responsive library services, including Texans from traditionally marginalized populations.

In this webinar, the first in the Inclusive Library series, Dallas Public Library staff Antoinette Carey Spriggs (Homeless Engagement Coordinator) and Heather Lowe (Adult Services Administrator) will provide guidance on how to better understand the needs of this population and how to provide more inclusive services. They will also provide an overview of the Dallas Public Library’s Homeless Engagement and Leadership Program (HELP) Desk and share lessons learned.

Original air date: March 21, 2017

Last reviewed: December 19, 2019

1 CE hour